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Welcome to my Literary Home! 

My name is Linda Sue Grimes.  I am a writer, and the purpose of this Web site is to showcase samples of my writings in poetry, essays in politics and spirituality, and original vegetarian recipes.

I offer a tribute to my first poetry mentor the late Professor Malcolm M. Sedam, who encouraged me to write and study poetry.

I also dabble in short fiction writing; thus, you'll find samples of short fiction and even shorter fiction called tiny stories.

I am in the process of writing commentaries for each poem in Paramahansa Yogananda's Songs of the Soul.

In future, I hope to offer samples of my original musicsongs that I have written and performed.

Each page of Maya Shedd’s Temple offers a comment section, giving you the opportunity to respond to what you experience there, if you wish to do so.

                           Thank you for visiting!  


Sample poems from my book:

Turtle Woman and Other Poems


1  Turtle Woman

“When the yogi, like a tortoise withdrawing its limbs,  can fully retire his senses from the objects of perception,  his wisdom manifests steadiness.” —Bhagavad Gita II:58

Will you still love me if I finish first?

Slow as I am to you whose speed is your god, I move.
Admiring really your shell-less existence—
On my back it's sometimes hard to right myself.
In the soup they call me a delicacy,
So I praise vegetarians,
Though I myself sometimes snap
At insects, small fish, & moving fingers.

But what's a creature so heavy-laden to do?

O, lest I sound maudlin
Or sorry for my webbed feet,
I withdraw my questions
Along with my head & legs
And drop out of your race.

2  Starvers

for K. R.

She starves
Her body
& her mind
Stands vacant  haunted
She's dying
To be thin
She's not
With curves
She wants
What she craves
All starvers
A bulge around the middle
Is a sin against God
Thighs that spread out over a chair bottom
Make you sick
Breasts that mound under a sweater
Make you gutter for breath
Round arms  full face  big calves  wide hips  double chin
A mighty army marching over your skeleton
Capturing your pleasures
Holding your life hostage
You're a prisoner in a guardhouse
A dog in a pound
Weight and measurement
Are not useful tools
They are obsessions
She has starved
Her body
But she cannot
Exorcise that last
Ghost of flesh
That ghost that keeps adjusting the damn mirror that throws
Back a size in your face  a size that screams
Just a little smaller
Just a little thinner
And then
Will be OK . . . 


Sample poems from my book:

Singing in the Silence:  Poems of  Faith


1  Invitation

Into my garden of weeds
Come, Eternal Gardener—
Teach me to plant and prune fine foliage.
Show me where to set the lilies and tulips
And where the roses should grow.
Guide my choices of herbs and vegetables.
Give me knowledge of fertilizer and fences.

Into my garden of words
Come, Eternal Poet—
Make my poems exude divine ardor.
Fashion my thoughts to bow at your feet.
Make my images spout living waters
From an enlightened fount
To refresh all who dip a cup.

In My Spiritual Garden

In my spiritual garden
I walk with you when the sun is medicine
And the rain suckles the beets and corn.
I walk with you between the rows of memories
Where love holds you between peppers and tomatoes.

I walk with you along the fence
And touch your hand and step across
Thinking of you as I pick the peas,
Still thinking of you as I weed
The beans and cucumbers.

I walk with you and with every silent step
And every moment of your absence
That would weaken the faith of one
Less in love, my love grows deep
Like the roots of the bamboo and my love
Grows straight like the stalks of asparagus.

In my spiritual garden I will always grow you
In the medicine sun and the suckling rain.


Sample poems from my book:

Command Performance:  Singing for God and Guru



These poems grow out of my experience serving as harmonium player/chant leader for our local Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday Readings Service. 

I title this collection Command Performance for I have attempted to retire from the chant leader position, offering it to other devotees, but no one will take it from me. 

And often I have come to the chapel Readings Service, thinking I would merely be attending, only to find that the scheduled chant leader was unavailable and so the service leader would prevail upon me to fill the void—thus, another “command performance.”

I reason that Guruji is commanding me to continue performing this function.  So until I perceive he is otherwise instructing me, I shall continue.


1  Who says, She is Dark?

—after “Thousands of Suns and Moons”

Her smile beams
With the rays
Of a millions suns.

Her skin glows
With the light
Of a million moons.

Who says, She is dark?

Only those who refuse
To open their eye
To her light.

Joy, Joy, Joy!

—after “Ever New Joy”

Joy, joy, joy—
Morning breaks open in joy.
Light of starlight, hiding
Behind the sun.

Joy, joy, joy—
Noon breaks bread
Lovingly baked
By God-guided hands.

Joy, joy, joy—
Evening calls the faithful
To rest from a full day’s labor
Practiced by Divine decree.

Joy, joy, joy—
Night covers maya’s delusion
So the spiritual eye
May bound in brilliance.

3  Thou art That

—after “Hymn to Brahma”

Beyond my thoughts,
Beyond my ideas,
Beyond my knowledge,
Far beyond my wisdom—
Thou are That.

Beyond my body,
Beyond my mind,
Beyond my energy,
One with my soul—
Thou art That.


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© Linda Sue Grimes 2016