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Original Poems
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Original Short Literary Fiction
Ron Grimes (Ron W. G.):  Paintings and Prose
Malcolm M. Sedam Poetry Memorial
Thomas Thornburg Poetry Memorial
Daniel L. Wright Memorial:  Shakespeare Authorship Studies
The Writing Life & Other Issues
Commentaries on Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Soul
Poems with Commentaries

In my literary home are rooms dedicated to my original works: Original Poems, Original Songs, Original Short Literary Fiction, and Books.  I also include a room featuring the paintings and prose renderings of the beautiful soul, Ron Grimes (Ron W. G.):  Ron Grimes:  Paintings and Prose.  

I have dedicated memorial rooms to three other beautiful souls who have been influential in my literary life:  Malcolm M. Sedam Poetry Memorial, Thomas Thornburg Poetry Memorial, Daniel L. Wright Memorial:  Shakespeare Authorship Studies.  

Because I began my college days minoring in history, I retain an interest in issues that have remained controversial through the years; thus, from time to time I will explore those issues and include them in the room I dedicate to The Writing Life & Other Issues. Other issues that I might tackle include controversies in science and medicine.

My commentaries on the spiritual poems of Paramahansa Yogananda featured in his collection, Songs of the Soul, reside at Commentaries on Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Soul.

Finally, you will find a room labeled Poems with Commentaries that holds various other pieces that do not fit comfortably in the other rooms.  

Thank you for visiting my literary home!  Questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome.

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