Normaya Goes Alone

Image:  Janet Chui’s “The Apotheosis of Psyche

Normaya goes fleet-footing down her days, according to her own inner guidance.

Normaya Waits

The story of Normaya is older than time, flowing more surely than the rapid river of the mind. It is a story of longing and waiting, and then waiting and enduring, and then lingering long enough to reach a cherished Love that beckons from all corners of the heart and mind.

Everyone wishes to view all the stars on Glory Hill. They follow their hearts to the place where the wind whispers secrets.   They let their own will go but don’t go alone. There are trees and bushes and flowers and all kinds of spritely doves that warm Normaya’s heart and she loves them all. Then she is free, and no one can ever know where she has gone.

Normaya waited for her Belovèd but He failed to arrive, as usual. She watched her watch. He kept on not arriving. She started walking back to the farm. Her heart was full and her mind was calm.  She had spent the coin of the divine realm which is time, precious time, in Glorified Expectation.  She will wait again and again until His arrival sets her free.

Her Mother Saw Her

Normaya did not see her mother, but her mother saw her.

“May, where were you, all this time?” her mother implored.

“I just went for a walk,” Normaya replied.

“No, you didn’t! Gotcha this time, missy! I had your brother follow you, and he saw you at the Knob Hill,” screamed the mother. “Everybody knows what the Knob Hill is all about.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I did not go to the Knob Hill. I don’t even know where that is,” insisted Normaya. “I just went for a walk. I waited by the stars on Glory Hill, I waited for my Belovèd, but He did not come. I will go again as many times as it takes. He will in time come to me,” responded Normaya.

“You always talk such nonsense! Why can’t you be a problem like other girls? I don’t even know what you are talking about! You might as well be speaking Dutch,” cried the mother.

Following the Flow of Time

Normaya follows her heart and soul and waits by the river where time seems to flow with the water. She hears footsteps. They gain speed. She does not look. She waits. And then waits again.

This time Normaya is not anxious, and she left her watch at home. She listens, she waits, and she listens and waits again.

Again, Normaya will be accosted by her mother, maybe too by her brother, maybe too by a townie whose mind has been filtered through the rhetoric of Normaya’s mother and brother.

“Where did you go this time, you silly girl?” the mother will ask.

“Where did you go this time, you silly sister?” the brother will ask.

“Where did you go this time, Miss Normaya?” the townie will ask.

And Normaya will smile and respond, “Oh, I just went walking by the stream, listening to the bubbling waters pouring down from the glacial waters of Mount Bounty.  I listened to the cooing of the doves and the music of the stars until they shut up their voices in glad atonement.  Oh, I just went for a walk!”

And again, they all will just shrug, scratch their heads, and move on for they have work to work, books to read, dinners to cook, children to tend, and a myriad other important dates with daylight occurrences.

Normaya walks on.

Mother, Did You Ever

“Mother, did you ever love anyone before father?” Normaya asks her mother this question on the eve of a day that would turn out to be very important to Normaya.

“Of course not. I only loved your father up to the day he died,” lied the mother. “I loved only him and he only me.”

“That is so wonderful, Mother,” said Normaya. “Mother, I have to go away now. I am too old to be living with my mother and brother. I love you both, but I have to go away. Do you understand?”

Silly Girl

“You can’t go away. You have nowhere to go. You can’t do anything to get money and you have to have money to live, you silly girl?” said the mother.

“Oh, well, never mind, Mother,” said Normaya. “I’ll stay as long as I can.”

Not mother, not brother, no one in the town or field was ever able to look and see Normaya.  Where she went, what she did, what she said, no one knows.  Maybe she lived like the sprites in the Atmosphere, or the spirits in Fork River Valley.

Normaya must have moved with lightning or waited by whole meadows of golden minded angels.  Did angels fill her days, did little people with courage and fortitude offer her succor?  The dark world remains a dark place, but not for Normaya, not for where she lived—in the mind of her Spirit Soul Belovèd.

Normaya will stay as long as she can with her mother, with her brother, with her father’s grave in Fork River Valley.  Her bed will contain her body but the glories of expanded skyways will contain her mind. And she will stay as long as the molecules of her physical encasement remain in tact. 

Though the winds of skyey glories threaten to rend her very atoms, Normaya will remain as long as she can.  She will not speak in harsh tones, for she has long since left recrimination behind her.  Her mother may still rebuke her.  Her brother may still follow her and report what he cannot understand: what can the blind report about a meteor shower?  Her demeanor will remain calm and her tongue at rest.

Normaya will stay the silly girl, walking in the sunless sunshine, feeling the wetless rain on her shadow skin, and fleeing down the corridors of lost pathways that lead only the silly to their journey’s end in Perfection.

Love on the Wind

Love is on the wind. Love is in the deep blue sea. Love lifts all boats. Love brings in the crops and lets out the dogs. Love never fails. Love is work and play. Love leaves fall and springs spring. Love heats up summer. Love cools winter.

Normaya waited by the brook flowing through green pastures. She took nothing. She sat alone. She did not think. She did not feel. She did not watch. She did not listen. She did not think. She did not feel. She did not notice.  She did not worry.  All she did was be.

Normaya moved into the place where money is not needed, where the love of a mate is not even considered—a genuine lone wolf. Normaya moved slowly but deliberately into the arrival of her Belovèd. She thus found her Origin. She was then Free.

~ ~ ~

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