Ron W. G.: Paintings and Prose

Ron Grimes – Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens – Encinitas CA
The paintings and prose stylings of Ron W. G. (Ron Grimes):

1.  Prose Narrative:  A Nightmare Comes True
2.  Painting:  Night on the Lake
3.  Painting: Country Church
4.  Painting:  Moon over Water
5.   Painting:  Tiger Swallowtail
6.  Painting:  Morning at Red River Gorge
7.  Prose Narrative:  Running a Marathon: “Mostly a Mental Thing?”
8.  Painting:  Mountain Stream
9.  Painting:  Mountain Lake
10. Painting:  The Old Homestead
11. Painting:  Portrait of Linda Sue Grimes, 2012, SRF Convocation

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