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Welcome to My Original Songs

As a life-long creative writer, I have dabbled in many forms: poems, songs, short stories, flash fiction, memoir, and essays that focus on a variety of topics including history and politics, and philosophical issues.  I also create vegetarian/vegan recipes.

This page is dedicated to providing links to a sampling of my songs; to sample some of my poems, please visit my “Original Poems.”   Other works are forthcoming.

Thank you for visiting my literary home!  Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.

Original Songs on SoundCloud:

Against   (Original Song:  “Against” with Commentary)
River of Time
River of Time – w/guitar – video by Carlene Craig
No Fair Fight
When Morning Looms
Blue Haired Girl
Sing through Me as I Worship at Thy Sea
Where You Are
Lyn’s Song

Original Songs with videos by Ron Grimes on YouTube:

Where You Are
Lyn’s Song
Haunted House
Old Forgotten Love
Slipped Away
Down the Road
I Know how the Lord Feels about Me
When Tears Always Flow
I Walk with You
Songs That You Sing


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