Love:  Two Views

Image:  Vincent van Gogh’s The Prayer

Love:  Two Views


Love dropped me naked in the middle of this riddle
And when like a fat tick, I fell from the hound of life,
My bloodless mother and soulless father
Became statues in the hall of questions.

Love dropped me naked in the heat of possession
And when like a ripe melon I grew a belly
       and rounded the cape of womanhood,
My gutless husband became a mindless boil
On the ass of marriage.

Love dropped me naked in a wax of indifference
And when like a sculptor I shaped my opinion,
Rage convinced my heart
To feed upon itself in a birdless cage.


Love leads my hand through pages of lore
Where ageless wisdom plants seeds of knowledge.
I pluck weeds of doubt by the light of Thy smile:
I water tender shoots of Truth with the rain of Thy care.

Love tilts my head to look to the stars
Where eternity plays its game of light and dark.
I feed on echoes
That remind me that I am a soul—timeless, deathless.

Love tempts my heart with the passion of passions
Where blood is quickened by divine ardor.
I sing only to glorify Thine image
To magnify Thine image Thou hast fashioned in me.


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