Singing Like an Angel

In Memoriam: Phil Everly, January 19, 1939 – January 3, 2014

Singing Like an Angel

Your voice taught my own voice
How to harmonize; your brother
Had the easy part, the melody.
You with him produced
A pure heavenly sound
That soothed my teen years
But broke my heart.

My mad crush kept me
In the back of the room
Dreaming of you
Instead of talking
To the real boys
Who walked in flesh
And talked in tones
That could not compare
To the magnificence I glimpsed
Of you in magazines
And on TV.

The ‘sixties crushed us both,
But I was given a brief moment
With you face to face,
And I will always marvel
At the depth of heart
That tied me to you
As you sang your way
Into my soul.

My feelings for you remain pure,
And I will always be thankful
To Divine Mother
For that depth and that moment
I was able to tell you, I love you.


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