Prayer Sonnet for a Belovèd Father

In Memoriam:  Bert Richardson
 January 12, 1913 – August 5, 2000

For Our Daddy: A Prayer from His Daughters

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Holy Friend, Jesus Christ, All Saints,
we bow to You all—

O, Divine Ones, bless us all as we gather to remember
 And celebrate the life of our dear daddy.
Welcome his soul to his infinite home in Thee.
 Allow him to rest in the peace and move in the joy
 That Thou dost eternally proffer unto all Thy children.
 Grant him deep awareness of Thy love for him.
May Thy waves of peace wash over his soul.
 May Thy breezes of joy waft over his soul.
 May we all strengthen our faith
 That no matter what we do or where we go,
 We remain cloistered in Thy love.
Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Holy Friend, Beloved God—
 Welcome our belovèd father’s soul
 To the sweetness and the bliss of Thy Presence.

Aum . . . Peace . . .  Amen.

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