Piercing the Veil

In memoriam:  Helen Richardson
June 27, 1923 – September 5, 1981

Mommy & Me

Piercing the Veil

for my mother

The moon in her hand
Sits silent as the soul
As her body quakes
For a fist full of coins.
The tomato vines
Cling to morning dew
Awaiting the first nudge
Of sun on summer skin.
Her heart grieves over
Pennies of the world
Rendered joyless and dry
By blackguards in mask.
The moon in her hand
Revolves as the silent soul’s
Ray of light pierces the veil
And sinks the darkness.
.    .    .  
This poem appears in my newly reissued collection, Singing in Soul Silence: Voices of Faith.  Also available on Kindle.

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