Landscape & Me with Spot

little girl with dog in photo

Landscape & Me with Spot      

(owed to Vincent and Salvador and Spot)

a stream of consciousness runs
                                                            through the landscape
                                                                                    Dali has pitchforked                       brain cells
                   little girl with dog in photo
off to my left, and Vincent in
   1889 look a long way off,
 you look for yourself in the landscape  you are not walking across the meadow
      & you are not marked on any hill so  I insist the clouds have gobbled you
             those great Vincent-swirled cotton-tails   that crawl
up the hills, over the blue paint stroked open legs    not my legs
my legs are off to the left under the dress
of that little girl reaching out for her dog
trying to smile at the goddamned camera
the sun hurting her damaged little eyes   the sun always hurting her, sitting on grass  always hurting her, the fat little arms, chubby   little cheeks always hurting
that poor little girl is not in the landscape either
                                     she is hiding inside the cottage
in the middle of the painting:
kissing your luscious lips   kiss over, kissed-off  she runs to Dali  
drip                                                                                                                                                       p                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ing                t i m e 


from my unpublished memoir, “My Life in Little Stories”

49. Spot

My mom and I were outside walking in the yard one warm summer morning, and we saw what we thought was a hog lying outside the gate. We walked over to look more closely and discovered it was not a hog, but a Dalmatian dog. We named him Spot and kept him for the next twelve or so years.

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