In the Fog of Memory

Image: Painting by Ron Grimes

Knowing that the soul lives eternal
Gives the heart a glow, and the mind
Rests on pillowed fluid dreams.
Fields of fresh notions perfume
The summer air, ripe with fervor.

The silent morning plants fresh buds
Of  rose-tinted possibilities, rare
With the shining eagles of freedom.
Flags planted by the sea wave
In the noon-glowing sunshine.

The salt of lovers’ tears sheds
Its flavor in the savoring evening.
Meditating on the Divine Beloved,
Chela bows listening for the music
And the whir of the Celestial Motor.

Mighty armies of angelic forms
Gather Chela in their gentle strength.
Powerful healing flows into her being
Spreading through body’s heart and limbs
Making whole each ravished cell.

Saving her soul becomes the Chela’s
Only mission in this fallen world
Where minions carve their names
Upon unblinking stones to feign
Recollection in the fog of memory.

~ ~ ~

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