Fog on the Pond

Fog lifts morning off the pond

Image:  Good Free Photos  “Fog over the lake in the morning

Fog on the Pond

Fog lifts morning off the pond.
A fish flops up out of the water,
Fires the early-bird fisherman’s hopes.
He sees his pole bend, almost break
Against the weight of his haul.

Noon sun bleaches the rocks along the bank.
The little girl dips her toe in the shallows
Sees her sister crossing the bridge
Coming home from town.

The frogs begin around sundown.
Their chorus performs long into the night.
Campfires rim the edge of the water.
Beer shouting dies down around two.

Fog settles night over the pond.
Fishermen doze over their fishing poles.
The little girl sleeps in the house on the hill.
Her sister gets up early
To watch the fog lift again.

This poem appears in my collection, Turtle Woman & Other Poems, under the title “On the Pond.”

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