At the End of the Road

Family Album
At the End of the Road

Remembering my father on Father’s Day

In memoriam
Bert Richardson
January 12, 1913 – August 5, 2000

The way the road turns
Then after a short slog
Runs uphill and turns again
Then runs on and on

Uphill and downhill
More turning — more winding
Until it hits U.S. Highway 27
Running north and south —

You must have felt
You had brought Kentucky
Right along with you
As you and Mommy planted

Your flag along with the garden
At the end of that country road
Waiting for the vegetables
To feed you in that foreign land

Where becoming a Hoosier
Must have been made you
Think hard about the changes
That your life would run through

Like that winding road
Full of ups and downs and turns.

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