Original Poems and Songs

Out of the quarrel with ourselves,
we make poetry.
– W. B. Yeats

Image: The Old Homestead by Ron Grimes

Welcome to My Writings: Original Poems & Songs

As a life-long creative writer, I have dabbled in many forms: poems, short stories, flash fiction, memoir, and essays that focus on a variety of topics including history and politics.  I also write songs and create vegetarian/vegan recipes.  This page is dedicated to providing links to a sampling of my poems and songs.  Thank you for visiting!  Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.

Original Poems

The Gift
Love:  Two Views
Between Us Is a Whirlwind
To Profess Her a Fool
Numbing Quiet
Mushroom Heart
Parting: Two Views
Where Love Waits Restless
Lamentation of the Muse for Everyman
The Worm
Dark Brain
The Man in the Poem:  A Suite of 19 Poems
Blue Haired Girl
These Fish
My Son, My Dissident
Book of Frost
Fog on the Pond
River God
Once She’s Lost It
Landscape & Me with Spot

Original Songs 

Against –  Original Song:  “Against” with Commentary
River of Time – The Yamaha Band
River of Time -w/Guitar – video
Where You Are
No Fair Fight
When Morning Looms
Blue Haired Girl
Sing through Me as I Worship at Thy Sea

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