Original Poems

Out of the quarrel with ourselves,
we make poetry.
– W. B. Yeats

Image: The Old Homestead by Ron Grimes

Welcome to My Writings: Original Poems

As a life-long creative writer, I have dabbled in many forms: poems, short stories, flash fiction, memoir, and essays that focus on a variety of topics including history and politics.  I also write songs and create vegetarian/vegan recipes. 

This page is dedicated to providing links to a sampling of my poems; to sample some of my songs, please visit my “Original Songs.”   Other works are forthcoming

Thank you for visiting my literary home!  Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.

Original Poems

The Gift
Love:  Two Views
Between Us Is a Whirlwind
To Profess Her a Fool
Numbing Quiet
Mushroom Heart
Parting: Two Views
Where Love Waits Restless
Lamentation of the Muse for Everyman
The Worm
Dark Brain
The Man in the Poem:  A Suite of 19 Poems
Blue Haired Girl
These Fish
My Son, My Dissident
Book of Frost
Fog on the Pond
River God
Once She’s Lost It
Landscape & Me with Spot
Love Among the Relics: A Suite in Eight Movements
A Terrible Fish
A Bitter Noise
Iron Robert
Alex as Artist
Piercing the Veil
Southern Woman
In the Fog of Memory
Prayer Sonnet for a Belovèd Father
At the End of the Road

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