Poem: “Make Us Thyself” by Paramahansa Yogananda


by Paramahansa Yogananda, from Songs of the Soul

That forced silence on my last day will be a mystery
    sleep; my beautiful and nightmare dreams of
    earthly being will bid farewell — for a time, at least.
On the downy bed of blissful oblivions, a short rest;
    then I shall awake, on a new star, perchance, or
    in a new earthly setting — another dream of another life.
Maybe I shall be deluded still, thinking I am awake
   while yet I dream.

Will this sleeping and deluded waking in dreams
    continue until I know I can really awaken only in
Why has Thou monopolized in Thyself the only
Why has Thou kept hidden in Thy hands the only
    key to the mystery chamber of life and the

If Thou art awake, why dost Thou want us to dream
    this cosmos?
Or art Thou also sleeping, dreaming that we are
    playing on the glittering, planet-studded stage of
Then in truth we are waking and dreaming within
    Thy dream.
Is it when Thou dost awake, dreaming no more,
    that we too shall cease to dream life and death,
    and stop our playing?  Will all trees, all bodies,
    all bodiless souls then become Thyself?

In dreaming, we divide our minds into thoughts of
    many things — minds, mountains, souls, sky,
    stars — creating each “reality” out of the tissue of
    fancy.  So has Thou transformed Thy dreaming
    mind into the star-chequered savanna of the
    blue, with its indwelling planetary families, our
    earth — and us, sorrowing, laughing, coming,
Thou canst be forgiven all the horrors of this
    cosmic drama only if it is a dream.
Even so, that which is dream-play to Thee is to us
    an awesome dream-struggle and death.

Since we and all things created are made of Thy
    dreaming mind, why dost Thou not wake up and
    dissolve us into Thy fearless, blessed Being?
Melt our dreaming minds into Thy mind, our
    temporary joys into Thine everlasting Joy.
Unite our fading life with Thine imperishable Life.
Blend our flickering, stale happiness into Thine
    enduring ever-new Blessedness.
Make us fearless, by letting us know that we are
    waking and dreaming in Thee; that we are Thine
    all-protected, ever-blissful Self.

Please note: This poem appears in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Soul, published by Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA, 1983 and 2014 printings.)

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