Image: Michael Angelo’s The Creation of Adam


This miscellaneous collection holds pieces that do not fit into other categories that I have designated in my literary home. 

Thank you for visiting my literary home.  Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.

List of Miscellaneous Works

  1. Original Short Story: “The Graveyard Whistler’s ‘The Dossier and the Laptop’”
  2. Two Actors Brought Down the Communist Curtain
  3. Barack Obama’s “Pop” with Commentary
  4. Maya Angelou’s “Touched by an Angel”
  5. Barack Obama’s “Underground” with Commentary
  6. A Writer’s Battle Against Chaos: Silence vs Soul Silence
  7. A Big Lie: The Republican and Democrat Parties Switched Sides on Race
  8. A Brief History of Palestine
  9. Debunking Erroneous Claims Against Dr. Andrew Wakefield
  10. Poem:  Paramahansa Yogananda: “Make Us Thyself”
  11. Andrew Gutmann’s Full Letter to His Fellow Brearley Parents
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