The Writing Life & Other Issues

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Writing and Miscellaneous Issues

These essays offer musings vis-à-vis the writing life.  After one has established one’s interests in the field of writing, what are the implications for behaviors, thoughts, methods, and activities?  How does one settle on a writing philosophy?  I will be exploring those issues and others in these essays.

Also among this lot, you will find other issues that don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories that I have designated.

  1. A Writer’s Battle Against Chaos:  Silence vs Soul Silence
  2. Writing on the Spiritual Path
  3. Rethinking Postmodernism in Poetry
  4. Andrew Gutmann’s Full Letter to His Fellow Brearley Parents
  5. Two Actors Brought Down the Communist Curtain
  6. D. C. Stephenson and the Indiana KKK in the 1920s
  7. The Grand Delusion: Groveling in Primal Mud
  8. Faith to Quell the River of Fire
  9. Two Classes of Humanity & Other Musings

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