History, Politics, Social Issues

Image: American Thinker

These pieces focus on historical, political, or social issues that interest me, often because they have remained controversial or widely misunderstood. 

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List of Works on History, Politics, Social Issues

  1. The Big Lie: The Republican and Democrat Parties Switched Sides on Race
  2. A Brief History of Palestine
  3. Debunking Erroneous Claims Against Dr. Andrew Wakefield
  4. Andrew Gutmann’s Full Letter to His Fellow Brearley Parents
  5. D. C. Stephenson and the Indiana KKK in the 1920s
  6. Two Actors Brought Down the Communist Curtain
  7. The Big Lie:  The “Three/Fifths Compromise” and the Humanity of Blacks
  8. The Question of Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

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