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The SRF Windmill Chapel
Portrait by Ron Grimes

Welcome to Maya Shedd’s Temple
Literary Home of Linda Sue Grimes

My literary home is a place where my creative writing efforts reside.  My first love in life was music and poetry, both of which I have pursued in fits and starts for many decades. In addition to songs and poems, I write essays featuring commentaries on poems, and about history, philosophy, politics, and spirituality. I also create vegetarian/vegan recipes, record my own original songs—examples of these efforts may eventually find their way to this home. 

Beautiful Souls

For my writing life, I am indebted to a number of beautiful souls; thus, I have created rooms for my literary forefathers:

Malcolm M. Sedam

Malcolm M. Sedam Poetry Memorial is dedicated to the memory of my first poetry mentor. It features his three published poetry collections, Between Wars, The Man in Motion, The Eye of the Beholder.

Thomas Thornburg

Thomas Thornburg Poetry Memorial  is dedicated to the fine poet and professor, who served as my graduate advisor and chairman of my dissertation committee at Ball State University, as I worked to complete the PhD degree in literature and rhetoric/composition.  This poetry memorial features sample poems from the poet’s published collections:   Saturday Town & other poems, Ancient Letters, Munseetown, andAmerican Ballads: New and Selected Poems

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